Food Bank Needs More Help

The group Children at Risk joined other child advocacy groups today at the Houston Food Bank, to let people know that thousands of people who lost everything to Hurricane Ike still don’t have enough food to eat. This is especially hard on the children, as Jim Bell reports.

Standing on the loading dock at the Houston Food Bank, Children at Risk President Bob Sanborn told reporters that even though the hurricane mess is getting cleaned up, and things appear to be getting back to normal, a lot of families are still suffering because of their storm losses. He says you can really see this in their children.

“Some kids went through tremendous economic hardship over the last couple of weeks, when they didn’t have food in the schools, their parents weren’t working, and now there are still some real food needs. So we’re encouraging people to give to the Food Bank and other food organizations.”

Sanborn appealed to the public to remember the storm victims and to support the work of the Food Bank with their charitable giving. Food Bank President David Greene said the need is worst in Galveston and other coastal areas.

“In the early days the need was just all over. Right now it is shifted primarily to Galveston coastal areas. You’ve got hard hit areas like San Leon Of course you look at the Bolivar Peninsula, the MREs that we supply that is the only thing that’s appropriate there. There’s no electricity, there’s no nothing there.”

Green said even before Hurricane Ike, more than 80 thousand children in the Houston area were experiencing hunger. Now there are many more.

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.