Deadly Helicopter Crash in Montgomery County

A pilot and a television photographer died when their news helicopter crashed on its way to cover a story in Montgomery County north of Houston. Pat Hernandez has the latest.

The two people were killed when SkyEye HD crashed in a wooded area north of Conroe. Stuart Norman is public information officer with Needham Fire and Rescue.

“We confirmed that there one helicopter down off Peoples Road.  We confirmed that there are two fatalities. Needham Fire and Rescue was the first fire department on the scene.”

Video from another television news chopper confirmed that the downed craft belonged to Channel-13 KTRK. It showed burning trees and a pile of debris made up pieces of the craft. The station’s logo could be seen in the video. Communication between the Sky-Eye HD-13 and the station stopped at the time it went down.

“I’ve heard explosions before, but this one was bad.”

Harold Robinson lives not far from where he heard the chopper go down.

“I don’t know whether I looked off or what, but I heard it hit the ground and I looked and this column of smoke probably two hundred feet high. It all happened real fast yes, and the explosion was enough to know that probably no survivors.”

The FAA & NTSB are now conducting an investigation into the cause of the crash.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF,Houston Public Radio News.