Insurance Costs too High? Tell Someone.

If you think you pay too much for home owners insurance
a Texas advocacy group wants to know what you’ve done
about it. Rod Rice reports on the effort by Texas Watch to change the way insurance is regulated in the state.

The group’s been traveling the state on a 16-city “Fix Texas Insurance” tour with a message that you can have an impact on the state’s very high homeowners insurance rates.

“Texas families pay the highest home owners insurance in the nation, nearly double the national average.”

And Alex Winslow says along the coast we pay even more than that.

He says there are a few changes that would lower rates and make dealing with insurance companies fairer than it’s been in Texas.

“We’re looking to enact real reforms that will bring rates down, by ending the cat and mouse game that insurance companies are allowed to play with the department of insurance, by making sure they get their rates approved before they’re imposed on policy holders not after, so we know they are fair and reasonable. We’re also looking to get the insurance commissioner elected and end things like data mining and credit scoring that just don’t have anything to do with your risk level as a policy holder.”

Winslow says the simple way to counteract all the money that the insurance industry has is to contact your state legislators and demand that that do what they said they would.

“Five years ago we were promised real rate relief by the legislature and it just simply hasn’t happened. We’re in the middle of an economic crisis right now and this is one sure fire way that we can provide relief to Texas families.”

So the question again is ‘are you paying too much for home owners insurance‘? Texas Watch says if you think you are let the people who make the rules know how you feel.