Thursday PM October 9th, 2008

Gas prices have taken another hit in Texas and across the nation.
This is Sarah Schimmer from Triple A Texas.

image of gas pump
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“A gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline fell by more than 22-cents in Texas during the past week. The state average is currently $3.28, which is about 12-cents lower than the national average. The national average also decreased more than 19-cents to $3.40.”

Schimmer says gas prices in Houston last year at this time averaged $2.58 a gallon, a 68-cent difference compared to prices right now. She says the downward price trend will likely continue.

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“Fuel demand in both the United States and Europe is lower than last year. The current economic situation has driven-down the price of crude oil and of course the Gulf refineries are coming back to their normal volumes. If these trends continues, we could possibly see a national average of three dollars by late November.”

Gas prices hit a national peak of $4.11 a gallon on July 11th and have fallen steadily since then.