Find an Orphan Drum? Call 800-671-6022

Among the many things dislocated by Hurricane Ike are potentially hazardouse materials. The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't want anyone taking any chances with what it calls "orphan drums". Rod Rice reports.

Any container you may find on your property should be left alone, don’t try to figure out what it holds. The contents could be dangerous. The EPA’s Ginny Narsete says you should contact EPA right away.

“They need to call 1-800-671-6022 and EPA, either the state or the federal Environmental Protection Agency folks will come out and look at it and collect it.”

She says someone will pick up the drum the same day you call. They have collected a lot already.

“So far in the Texas area we’ve collected 3074 drums. We’ve got 168 EPA folks and contractors on the ground right but so far without doing a lot of outreach we’ve collected that many drums”

Narsete says the EPA will remove the drum, find out what’s inside, put it in a sealed container and ship it off to an appropriate waste facility for final disposal.

To learn more about orphan drums visit the EPA’s website.