Hurricane Ike and Local Historical Sites

Local preservationists are breathing a collective sigh of relief, after finding that several of Houston’s prominent historical sites came through Hurricane Ike more or less intact. Jim Bell reports.

The city’s most prominent historical site, Sam Houston Park and its collection of 19th century homes, has survived another hurricane. Houston Heritage Society Director Alice Collette says all the houses have roof damage that can be repaired, but their office on Bagby has the most damage.

“The museum building and our long row building, which is where our administrative offices are located, both lost the overhangs to the fronts of the buildings, and that was the most severe damage that any of the structures here experienced.”

Hobby Airport’s historic 1940 Air Terminal and aviation museum has damage to the glass bubble control tower on the roof and both its museum hangars. Spokesman Fred Stafford says one hangar door collapsed onto one of their antique airplanes, the 1942 Lockheed Lodestar.

“The airplane that was hit has some damage to the nose-cone, two of the props got hit, they’re gonna have to be inspected, we won’t know what the damage is till they’re X-Ray’d. The engine cowling in the left wing, the leading edge of the left wing was damaged.”

Stafford says fortunately, everything is insured, all the damage can fixed, and he believes they can still finish restoring the first floor of the classic art deco building sometime early next year.

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.

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