UH Cleans up After Ike

While trash pickup has resumed in Houston and most outlying areas, officials say it could be months before the piles and piles of debris are picked up from city streets. That is not the case at the University of Houston. Bill Stamps tells us the University is wasting no time cleaning up the campus.

(sounds of walking on debris) It’s hard to walk anywhere on the University of Houston campus without stepping on piles of leaves or dodging fallen tree branches left by Hurricane Ike.

(sounds of chainsaws) It’s also hard to not hear the sound of chainsaws or wood chippers. The university has several tree services working to get things cleaned up.

“We’re the cleanup crew, then there’s the debris crew. We’re just hauling limbs off. There’s somebody coming behind us grooming behind them. It’s a big operation.”

Clinton Garrett works for Billy’s Tree Service.

“We’ve been out here since about 6:15[am].”

There’s about six of them cleaning up a part of campus that looks like…well like a hurricane blew through it. Ken Simpson, another worker, says you can’t think about the big picture — you just clean one small area at a time.

“We gonna start cleaning this whole campus up. We’re contracted to clean this whole campus up.”
They will eventually get the University of Houston looking good again, but first things first.

Bill Stamps: “Lunch time”
Clinton Garrett: “Yeah, we are going to go ahead and eat lunch. Lets go — vamos!”

Bill Stamps. KUHF -Houston Public Radio News.