Online Background Checks Start for Harris County

Starting tomorrow, it will be a lot easier for local government
agencies to access criminal background records on
prospective employees and recruits. The Harris County
District Clerk’s office is set to unveil a new service that
will allow agencies to access those records online.

District Clerk Theresa Chang says the service will save both time and money.

image of speaker, click here for audio“For example, people like military recruiters, they will be able to be in their office and get a criminal background check electronically and print-out all the records they need, such as a letter or certificate of disposition for the potential employees or their recruits.”

Up until now, government agencies have had to go downtown to get criminal background information from the District Clerk’s office. Chang says the online option should free-up time to serve other customers.

image of Theresa Changimage of speaker, click here for audio“This new program will reduce our staff time down to one-third to do the criminal background check and provide the necessary information for the general public. So that mean in other words that the general public will be able to be served at our customer service counter three times faster.”

In 2007, government agencies requested criminal background checks 31-hundred times.