Tuesday AM September 9th, 2008

image of comcast logoComcast has added 18 new networks to its bundle of Spanish-language channels. And two local broadcast Spanish-language stations are being added to the basic service tier. Ed Mayberry reports.

The 18 new channels join the 31 Spanish-language channels already offered by Comcast. The additional channels better reflect the make-up of Houston’s Hispanic market, according to Mike Bybee with Comcast.

“These 18 additional channels area part of our Canales Selecto package. The Canales Selecto package is now comprised of 38 Spanish-language channels. Several of these channels, for example, are broadcast from Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico. They’re specifically being offered due to the fact that they’re broadcasting in countries that better reflect the population here in Houston.”

Comcast’s separate CableLatino package offers both Spanish and English-language Latino-themed programming. Two low-power Houston Spanish-language television stations are being added to Comcast’s Basic Service tier.

“Yeah, TV Informa and Vision Celestial. TV Informa will actually air 11 Dynamo games, and then they also offer a Dynamo show. Their low-power TV station here owned an affiliated with the Mexico-based Multimedios Television. And then Vision Celestial is kinda comprised of spiritual programming. I think that there may be some other low-powered local stations that we may be looking at.”

Bybee says Comcast is constantly evaluating its channel line-up.

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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