Mars Rover Teacher Workshop

A deadline is looming for the Mars Rover
Celebration at the University of Houston.

Rod Rice has the story.

The deadline is not to enter the event it is for a teacher workshop, a week from Saturday.

“The actual deadline for the schools to enter is November 15th.”

Physics Professor Edgar Bering says teachers who have taken part before don’t need the workshop. For those who do, Bering says he’d like to know by Friday. He says teachers can just show-up on the 13th, but if they don’t register ahead of time they will not get a Mars Rover model kit.

The idea behind the Mars Rover Model Celebration is for students to build a Mars Rover and for teachers to capture that enthusiasm with lessons in science.

Professor Bearing says the workshop begins with what the program is all about.

“We go over the rules, we go over best practices, we go over things that have worked and things that don’t work and we show them what typical models look like.”

One of the things that does not work is for a teacher to be too rigid.

“The thing that works best is turning the kids loose. If you try to teach this prescriptively and say ‘Okay, all your models should look like this,’ the kids get bored.”

At the end of the six-week program the kids get to showcase their work and talk with aerospace professionals.

You can register for the workshop and the Mars Rover Celebration at mars-rover-dot-org.