New Schools and New Lunches at HISD

Summer vacation is over and a new school year
begins Monday in Houston.

The new school year begins with new schools and
a way to feed HISD’s nearly 200-thousand students.

Rod Rice reports.

In addition to a thousand new teachers and 26 new principals, there are two new schools at the old Sam Houston Campus. There’s the new Ninth Grade College Preparatory Academy and the Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center.  Inside Yates High School there will be the new Energized for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academy.

HISD’s Terry Abbott says the new school year also offers parents a new responsibility.

“Parents for the first time will have control over what their children actually eat at school.  Parents will be able to go online and sign in and determine what they want their children to eat or not eat at school. So,no longer loading up on french fries unless a parent wants tem too.”

Food preparation is also new this year. Abbott says all lunches will be made at one central location.

“The meals will all be made the same and they’ll be guaranteed to be good and nutritious so that the recipes can’t change at local schools and there won’t be variations in the quality of the foods.”

The lunch trays will also be new and biodegradable.

Teachers will also get a three-percent raise and the starting salary is now 44-thousand dollars.