Red Cross Adds AED Training to CPR Training

As they have for years now, the Houston Chapter of the Red Cross and the Methodist

Hospital are co-sponsoring the annual mass CPR training event. This year, something

new has been added to the training. Jim Bell reports.

This year they’ll teach people how to use Automated External Defibrillators, along with the proper way to give CPR. With AED’s slowly becoming more and more ubiquitous, Dr. Valentina Ugolini of Methodist Hospital says it makes sense to add AED training to the Houston Red Cross’s one day mass CPR course. They both save lives.

“Now we have available defibrillators in airports, public buildings and schools, but for these devices to be most effective, it’s necessary for many people in the community to how to use them.”

Three security employees at Bush Intercontinental Airport recently used an AED to save the life of a fellow employee who collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.  Jennifer Carnes says it was scary but using the AED was easy.

“While we have received the training, many times, the AED is really fool proof—it’s idiot proof.  We were certainly very emotional and stressed that day, and the AED told us what to do.”

The one-day CPR/AED mass training day is Saturday September 27th, in the Houston Texans Methodist Training Center on Kirby next to Reliant Stadium. 

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.