Big Crowds Expected for Tax-Free Weekend

Christmas is still months away, but it may look and feel like the holiday at local stores and retail outlets this weekend. That’s because large crowds of shoppers are expected to take advantage of the tax-free holiday. Bill Stamps hit the stores for this report.

Bill: “Do you know what this weekend is?” 
Natalie: “uh uh.”
“Something that can save you money.”
“Oh,  tax free.”

Natalie Ballard stepped out of the house to go buy a pair of shoes. She didn’t know it was tax free weekend until I told her.

“I heard about it, but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t feel like I’m saving anyways.”

Unlike Natalie, Regina Hall knew exactly what this weekend is.

Bill: “So whats your plan?”
Regina: “My plan is to save money.”

The tax free weekend is supposed to ease the burden on families as they purchase new folders, calculators, and those brand name clothes children say they have to have on the first day of school. The Crueger family does all of its back to school shopping on this weekend. Janine is the mom and Shawn is the dad.

“Yes absolutely, every year we wait for this weekend.”
Bill: “Why?”
“We have four daughters.” 
“We can’t help but save.”

Even the smallest member of the family got some school clothes.
Bill: “What grade our you in. “
“I’m going to kindergarten.”
Bill: “What did you get?
“Plenty. “

Whatever she got we know mom and dad didn’t pay a sales tax. The tax free holiday runs through Sunday.

Bill Stamps…KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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