Birth Certificates for School Enrollment

Most school districts require a birth certificate for
a child’s initial enrollment in school.

Rod Rice reports on what you’ll need and where
to get them.

For children born in Houston, the city’s Health and Human Services department’s multi-service, or health centers, are the most convenient places to get a birth certificate. That’s because the department’s bureau of vital statistics operates at various centers throughout the week. Click on the link to get a list of times and locations on the City’s of Houston’s website.

Health and Human Services Porfirio Villareal says parents don’t have to bring their child with them, but they will need an ID.

“It can be a driver’s license; a military ID; a state, city, county photo ID or a current employment photo or some type of officially issued photo ID.”

The ID makes sure only those entitled to the birth certificate get it.

“Qualified people are parents, legal guardians and immediate family members, for example sisters, brothers, grandparents, step-parents. Those are the people who have legal rights to a birth certificate of a child.”

The cost is twenty-three dollars, and only checks and money orders will be accepted.

If your child was born in another Texas city you will need to go to Heath and Human Services main office at eight-thousand North Stadium Drive.