Design Your License Plates Online

Texans now have more options for specialty licenses plates thanks to public private partnership. Rod Rice reports you can pick your plates online.

Less than 1% of us have specialty licenses plates, the lowest rate in the country.  So when the state decided to try to increase that figure, it looked for a private company to help out. Enter My Plates-dot-com.  There are 27 designs, three for motorcycles.

Kim Drummond says until now you had to renew your plates every year. At My Plates you can buy a plate for one, five or ten years.

“If you want only one year it begins at 95-dollars but there’s a greater value in going for a longer term. If you get that same plate for ten years it comes out to 40-dollars a year.”

That’s for the specialty plate with a random number and letter combination. There are two higher price levels that depend on how much you want to personalize the plates. The top price is the luxury level for ten years at 795-dollars.

Drummond says each specialty request has to pass two tests.

“Anytime someone applies for a personalized license plate it goes through a process first to see if it’s taken, and secondly to make sure it is something that is appropriate for publication and that is up to TXDOT.”

You can see and select plates at My Plates-dot-com.