Burglary Ring Busted

For more than two years a band of thieves roamed retail stores in south Texas, stealing everything from underwear to electronic equipment. Now, members of the organized burglary ring find themselves roaming their jail cells. Bill Stamps tells how they were caught.

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurt says members of the burglary ring hit just about every mall in the Houston area, plus a few Home Depot stores. They stole clothes and electronic equipment …anything they could get out the door without being detected.

“It was a group of individuals with three males and two females. They were responsible for taking 97-thousand dollars of merchandise out of state stores. The arrest was made on July the 15th.”

Chief Hurtt says the group was experienced and had been operating for several years. investigators believe they knew how to avoid store sensors and would come up with ways to not be seen on store security cameras.

Although they operated in the Houston area, none are actually from here.

“Turns out to be a subject from El Salvador, one from Columbia, two females from Mexico and one male from Guatemala.”

It was store employees that eventually tipped the police. Once they were notified, they set up surveillance and eventually caught the suspects red-handed.