Fanning Seniors This Summer Season

Employees at the Houston Emergency Center want
to help senior’s who are faced with high fuel costs
and high summer temperatures.

Rod Rice reports.

The workers donated 20-dozen fans today. David Cutler is the Houston Emergency Center Director.

“The call takers we have working at this 9-1-1 center were concerned about the elderly in Houston during the summer months, and they took it upon themselves to come up with this fan drive where they donated 240 fans to area multi-service centers.”

The fans are going to the Magnolia Senior Center, the Vietnamese Senior Center and the Acres Homes Multi-service Center.

Mae Roberson is with Acres Homes and says some seniors need help with high heat every year and this year that’s compounded by higher fuels costs.

“This will give them an opportunity here to perhaps, not cut the utility bill in half, but at least bring it down because they have an extra cooling system here.”

She says she’ll distribute them based on need.

“I know that those who have central air probably have enough adequate air conditioning, and those who have window air conditioning, they’ll be the ones to get the fans first. What ever we have left over we’ll distribute as we have them.”

This is the first time the 911 employees have done this and they hope to do it again with even more fans next summer.