Deadline Looms for Harris County Tax Scofflaws

Harris County residents who have not yet paid their 2007 property taxes have until Monday to do so. Come Tuesday, the penalty will be significant. Pat Hernandez has more.

Tax Assessor-Collector Paul Betancourt says over 164,000 Harris County residents are paying a 13% penalty on their delinquent property taxes.

“If you don’t pay be Monday, June 30th, it will cost you up to 42% penalty and interest in just one day by July 1st. So, I really want people if they can, to make their payments on Monday, June 30th, on any outstanding 2007 property tax bills.”

Of those unpaid accounts, Betancourt says 111,000 are from people that have not paid this year for the first time. He says if payment is made on Monday, it would save $851 for the average home.

“Pay whatever you can because, if you make a partial payment which you can do on the website or in person, that means you don’t get hit with the big collection charges.”

With next year’s tax bills right around the corner, Betancourt says it’s a good idea to make payment otherwise, delinquent property tax payers could face foreclosure.

More information can be found by calling 713.368.2000 or at

Pat Hernandez, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.