Legal Residents Get Help in Becoming Citizens

Tomorrow is Congressman Gene Green’s 14th
Annual Citizenship Day.

It’s a day when legal residents can get help and
save some money in their effort to become U.S. citizens.

Rod Rice reports.

Representative Green says this all began when he was a freshman in Congress.
“We found out during my first term in Congress, there were a lot of people who were legal residents who were qualified to become citizens who didn’t. Part of the problem was the cost of going to an attorney and filling out paperwork.”

That part of the process is now free, but applicants must pay postage and the 675 application fee.

Green says a lot of volunteers help make the day work.

“They’ll fill out their paperwork. We can get the photographs done there. We have some immigration attorney’s who donate their time to check the application and make sure it’s correct. Citizenship, [US]CIS actually has staff there that also helps, and then the Post Office opens up a Post Office on Saturday to be able to mail certified.”

There will even be a bank so applicants can get the required money order without paying a fee.

Green says it has become almost too popular.

“We’ll have at times a thousand people waiting in line, but physically we can’t help but more then about 300-325 people.”

Citizenship Day begins at 8 tomorrow morning at Houston Community College’s Northline Campus.

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