New Summer School Program

With school officially out today, most students in HISD are looking forward to a few months of vacation and just being a kid. But Bill Stamps tells us about a summer program that will keep students in the classroom a little longer.

They’re calling it summer opportunity sessions. Daily classes for second graders that focus on math and science. The district tried it out on a small scale last year and since test scores went up they’re expanding it to more schools and more students.

Rodriguez elementary school principal Elena Martinez Buley says getting students to sign up for the voluntary program was easier than you might think.

“It’s not hard at all. I think when we explained to the parents really what it was going to be about, the parents want their kids in programs, so it was not a hard sell at all.”

Bill: “Are you still going to have time to play and do other fun stuff this summer, or is it going to be all school?”
Stephanie: “Um-mm.”

2nd grader Stephanie Godeinez couldn’t answer that question, but she’s still looking forward to learning more math and science this summer.

“We do a project with worms.”
Bill: “Do like worms?”

Bill Stamps. KUHF- Houston Public Radio News.