New Charter School Planned

It’s the last day of school for students at Houston’s Mount Carmel Catholic High School.  After fifty-two years the Archdiocese has decided to close the school.  But as KUHF’s Bill Stamps reports, plans are in the works to start a new Mt. Carmel at a different location.

Parents and teachers at Mt. Carmel say they were shocked when they learned their school would not be opening again next school year. They don’t like the way the situation was handled, but say they’re moving on–literally.

Plans are in the works to start a new Mt. Carmel High School under the umbrella of the Houston Independent School District. It will be a charter school that functions similarly to the old one.
They hope to hire the same teachers, and since it’s a charter school they won’t have to totally eliminate religion

“We can have our faith-based classes directly before the start of the school day and directly after, so there is the separation of church and state.”

Lisa Moscarelli is with the group trying to get the new school open. She says it’ll cost 300-thousand to get the school up and running. Organizers have raised about half of that, but are confident there will be a new Mt. Carmel this fall.

“Based on pledges and the feedback that we are getting from the community, we also have some high-profile business leaders who are behind us, and so this work is going to go on. Mt. Carmel and the spirit of Mt Carmel will go on with or without the Archdiocese.”

Moscarelli expects the HISD board to approve the new charter in June. She also believes more parents will send their children to Mt. Carmel since there will no longer be tuition.

Bill Stamps. KUHF- Houston Public Radio News.