Simmons Family Foundation to Fund Research at Three Institutions

A new $3 million gift to Rice University— The Methodist Hospital Research Institute and Texas Children’s Hospital will be used for biomedical research. The institutions will collaborate on research, combining science, engineering and medical expertise. The money comes from the Simmons Family Foundation. This is Rice University President David Leebron.

“It’s specifically aimed at collaboration among three major institutions
and we’re fortunate in Houston to have such a tremendous medical
center here. Each of the parts is fantastic, but it will be so much stronger
if we build these research bridges across the institutions.”

The gift will be paid over five years and be used to fund research
involving biomedical sciences that affect adults and children.
Dr. Michael Lieberman is director of the Methodist Hospital
Research Institute.

“It’s a great day for biomedical research and it’s a real opportunity for
physicians and researchers at three great Houston institutions to
collaborate. The Simmons Foundation grants will really facilitate
this collaboration and provide a stepping-stone for applying for
much larger grants from the National Institutes of Health or the
National Science Foundation.”

Researchers have until early September to apply for grants, with
funding expected to start in early October.