MD Anderson and Hurd Mural Update

Here’s an update on efforts to save an endangered mural in one of the M.D. Anderson

Cancer Center’s buildings at the Medical Center. The mural and the building are facing

demolition, but donors are coming forward offering to pay for saving the mural. Jim Bell

This is the Peter Hurd mural in the lobby of the former Prudential Insurance building on Holcombe. M.D. Anderson, which bought the building in 1974, wants to demolish it because it’s in terrible condition. The mural will be destroyed if it can’t be removed, and thereby hangs our tale. Huge removal cost estimates scared potential new owners away for a long time, but no more. Ann Hale of the Hurd Museum in New Mexico says national publicity about this is attracting people and groups willing to pay for removing the mural and storing it until a new home can be found. Hale now believes this story will have a happy ending.

“I really do. We have had a lot of calls from people who are just concerned citizens. We’ve had a lot of people who are really wanting it, but then the overall financial end of it is maybe a little daunting. But, we are working with some major foundations and major clients who have the means to save it.”

Hale says once the mural is removed and stored, the job of finding a permanent home for it will get a lot easier.

“I think it will get much easier. At that point I think there are going to be any number of people who want it.”

M.D. Anderson hopes the mural can be out by the end of this year, so the old building can be demolished sometime next year. Hale says that can be done, and now she’s sure it will be done.

Jim Bell, KUHF- Houston Public Radio News.