Historic Home for Rent

Historic Home For Rent The Galveston Historical Foundation wants to rent out one of its oldest and most historic homes. Really! It’s what’s known as a “museum house”, and the foundation wants someone to live in it and be the resident “curator”. Jim Bell reports.

The 1839 Samuel Williams House is several miles from the historic district, and a little off the beaten path for tourists. That’s why the Historical Foundation closed it to the public last summer— almost nobody was going to see it. Since then, the old house has been repaired, upgraded, remodeled, and redecorated, and foundation Assistant Director Beth Shriner says now they need someone to live move in and take care of it.

“Someone who appreciates the history of the house, appreciates preservation and its importance, someone who understands Samuel Williams’ importance to the state of Texas.”

Samuel Williams was one of the founders of Galveston, who helped finance the Texas Revolution. Shiner says Williams built the house for his family, so they’d love to have a family living there again.

“Absolutely we would. We’re considering it a single-family residence. Children are more than welcome, in fact we have tied a rope swing on one of the oak tree limbs and it’s waiting for children and grandchildren to come and enjoy it.”

The rent is 1800 dollars a month plus utilities. Shiner says they’re still taking applications and interviewing, and they hope to have someone in the house by July.

Jim Bell. KUHF- Houston Public Radio News.