CityPass Saves Money For Families

With school almost out and summer right around the corner, the Houston Tourism Department has a new tool it hopes will boost tourism dollars. KUHF’s Bill Stamp has more on the new CityPass.

Houston Mayor Bill White paid 34 dollars to be the first to own the new Houston CityPass. The name sounds like a bus or rail ticket. But it’s actually one ticket that gets you into Houston’s top eight tourist attractions.

And even though gas prices may seem like they’re launching into space, the Mayor believes there’s still lots of people who live nearby who would love to see the Space Center and Houston’s other top spots.

“I came here and my family came here because we wanted to visit the big city, and there’s a lot of people still like that.”

The pass costs 34 dollars for adults and 24 dollars for kids. It’ll get you into the Space Center, the Downtown Aquarium, the Zoo, four museums, and the George Ranch Historical Park. CityPass founder Mike Gallagher says the pass is convenient and saves families lots of money.

“It saves you time because we’ve done the research, so these are the top attractions in the city. And also, you don’t have to wait in line because you have tickets. And obviously it saves you money, because it’s like half of what it would cost if you bought the tickets separately.”

Tourism officials hope it will bring a boost to the local economy.

Bill Stamps. KUHF- Houston Public Radio.