Nothing But Nets Fights Malaria

Houston is center stage in the fight to stop a
leading killer of children. Tomorrow is the first World Malaria Day and a grassroots effort is underway to raise awareness and help prevent malaria in Africa. Rod Rice has the story.

Malaria is not a disease that threatens children here, but it is a very serious illness in other parts of the world. 500 million people get it every year and a million, many children, die from it. It is transmitted by mosquitoes and nothing more complicated than a net over a bed can prevent mosquitoes from infecting people.

“With a net, just a simple sleeping net, we can save the lives of million of children.”

Ada Edwards, Deputy Chief of Staff for Neighborhoods in Houston was at the Children’s Museum of Houston today to kick off a month long exhibit to motivate and educate children about Malaria. The exhibit is being funded by the ExxonMobile-Foundation-Africa Health Initiative. ExxonMobile’s Kenneth Lindemann says the idea of the exhibit is to get people to learn more on the internet.

“What we’ve done here for the Houston campaign, which I think is very novel, is to say, let’s make the goal a million hits on the Nothing But Nets web site. We believe that that’s going to at minimum, raise awareness. If those hits result in nets being donated, that’ll be even better, obviously.”

Ada Edwards says sleeping nets cost ten dollars a piece.

“All of that ten dollars goes to the net program, it does not provide for salaries or programming, it all goes to the product. And so your ten dollars will be going directly to the purchasing, installation and distribution of a net.”

Edwards says this is not just for kids but for families, neighbors, and anyone here to connect with people in need elsewhere.