Chemical Safety Board Releases Video on BP Explosion

Almost three years to the day after the BP refinery explosion in Texas City, the U.S Chemical Safety Board has released a safety video that illustrates the agency’s report on the disaster that killed 15 people and injured nearly 200 others. Houston Public Radio’s Jim Bell reports.

The CSB safety video features a 3-D computer animation of the events that led to the explosion, and interviews with investigators and safety experts who discuss BP’s internal culture that allowed the conditions that contributed to the disaster. CSB spokesman Dan Horowitz says the video tries to explain the human dimensions of the tragedy.

“We look at some of the underlying causes of the errors that happened to cause this accident. We look at things like fatigue, miscommunication, instrument failures that gave operators misleading readings in the minutes and  hours just prior to the explosion.”

Horowitz says the video does its best to summarize the most comprehensive and complicated investigation the board has ever done.

“So we felt it was really essential to take the 341 page report that we did, and the lengthy report of the Baker Panel, and distill it down to one hour of information that people all around the world can use to help prevent the next tragedy of this kind from happening again.”

The CSB doesn’t issue citations or fines. It only investigates and makes safety recommendations to prevent future accidents. There’s a link to the BP refinery explosion safety video on our website KUHF dot org.  Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.