Specialty License Plate Fights Cancer

Not all specialty license plates in Texas are so-called “vanity plates.” Houston Public Radio’s Rod Rice reports that part of the fee for a “Texans Conquer Cancer” license plate goes to non-profits that support cancer patients.

The cost for a Texans Conquer Cancer plate is $30, of which $8 pays for the plate and $22 goes directly to organizations that offer patient support services.

“In Houston we awarded a grant to an entity called Light and Salt Association. They provide transportation to treatment, lodging, rent assistance and groceries.”

Sandra Balderrama is Executive Director of the Texas Cancer Council. She says the money from the specialty plates allows grants to local organizations for services that the state agency isn’t allowed to provide.

Last year plate sales generated enough for five $2,000 grants to organizations around the state. About 450 Texans purchase or renew a Texans Conquer Cancer license plate. Balderrama hopes to double that this year.

“More people buy license plates for their pets then they do to support cancer, you know, we’re trying to overcome that.”

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