Astrodome Update

The future of the Astrodome is not yet decided but Harris County commissioners agreed that the process should continue. Houston Public Radio’s Pat Hernandez says the move comes following an impassioned plea from the daughter of the man who built the 8th wonder of the world.

Like many Houstonians Dene Hofheinz Anton grew up attending events at the Astrodome after it was built by her father Judge Roy Hofheinz. She was pleased with the action by Harris County Comissioners. 

“I was quite relieved. I really was. I didn’t know quite what to expect and they made me feel very at ease actually. So it felt very good to state my case. I’m just kind of sorry I got a little too emotional.”

Willie Loston, executive director of the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, says the process continues involving the astrodome redevelopment corporation, houston live stock show & rodeo, the texans football team and anybody else with a viable plan.

“I think it’s also positive that the court has recognized that other folks who may have competing and different ideas as to what to do with the building can come forward now without any fear or concern of doing that. And it can only mean good things for the dome and good things for the citizens of Harris County.” 

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says it makes it clear that they want to preserve the Dome, but with a proper use.

“ARC has been working on this for a couple years. They clearly are ahead of everybody else and if they can put it together and the lease can be negotiated then they are way ahead of everybody else.”

Dene Hofheinz Anton would like to see some kind of facility that attracts families to Houston: 

“My dad’s whole life he spent truly identifying what family values mean. Everything that he did was a wholesome place where families could come be together and be making fabulous memories and he did it really well and so that’s what I would like to see happen there is something that really provides joy and excitement and a place for families from all over the world to come again and let just tell them all  y’all come.”

Commissioners instructed additional meetings be held to resolve all issues and that a master plan be updated and brought before the court in June.      

Pat Hernandez, Houston Public Radio News