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Rice University Presents New York-Based Cadillac Moon Ensemble

An interview with percussionist Sean Statser and cellist Aminda Asher from Cadillac Moon Ensemble about their upcoming concert at Rice University.

Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Cadillac Moon Ensemble

The New York-based Cadillac Moon Ensemble presents a concert of new works at Rice University this weekend, armed with a specific combination of instruments that doesn’t have much pre-20th-century repertoire (if any!): flute, percussion, violin, and cello. On the topic of contemporary classical music, percussionist Sean Statser makes the case that, for them, “contemporary music is music that’s being written for us and premiered by us,” adding that the majority of the works they perform have been specifically commissioned by the ensemble. Cellist Aminda Asher enjoys how the group is “always getting something very new and different, and it can be a lot of fun… it can be a lot of work…” and that they “have a lot of say in what gets composed for [them].” In this interview, they also discuss the challenges that come with contemporary techniques, and which composer their dream commission would come from.

Don’t miss their concert this Friday, January 22nd at 8 PM at Rice University’s Duncan Recital Hall. Go here for campus parking information.