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Video: Photographer Syd Moen Turns Landscapes Into “Little Planets”

Next Arts InSight: Artist turns expansiveness of panoramic photography into “little planets”.

On the next Arts InSight, Houston photographer, Syd Moen uses her camera and computer software to turn landscapes and Texas landmarks into panoramic spheres she calls, “Little Planets”. Using the technique of VR Photography (A 360 degree panorama view) combined with a computer software application to stitch the photographs together, Moen creates surrealistic and enchanting 2-dimensional versions of the 3-dimensional world. See a preview of the Arts InSight segment on Moen here, then watch the full-length program on TV 8 this Thursday at 7pm.






Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas

Senior Producer & Arts & Culture Reporter

As senior producer Laura works on arts & culture features for radio, television and digital.  Laura serves as the Arts & Culture reporter for 88.7 and produces segments for the weekly television program, Arts InSight.  In addition, Laura produces the weekly political series, Red, White and Blue and the podcast,...

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