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Houston PBS Wins Emmy for Feature on Local Artist

Last weekend in San Antonio, a PBS-produced arts documentary segment featuring Houston artist Michael Bise won a 2013 Lone Star Emmy Award.

The PBS short documentary segment “Here Lies Michael Bise” won a 2013 Lone Star Emmy Award for producer Don Geraci and editor Matthew Brawley. The film’s subject, Houston artist Michael Bise, creates intricate drawings inspired by his own personal experiences, including the artist’s recent heart transplant surgery. The works are arresting for their unflinching explorations of death and trauma (with a surprising dose of humor), as well as their exceptional attention to detail.

Above, listen to Troy Schulze’s Sept. 2013 interview with Bise about the artist’s Moody Gallery exhibition “Love in the Kingdom of the Sick.”

Below, check out the award-winning PBS documentary on Bise.