Opera Cheat Sheet

Opera Cheat Sheet: The Flying Dutchman

Here’s our quick and humorous overview of Richard Wagner’s 1843 drama Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) which is this week’s LA Opera performance airing on Classical 91.7 Saturday at noon.

In this week’s Opera Cheat Sheet, Classical 91.7’s program director St.John Flynn and opera expert Eric Skelly discuss Wagner’s early drama Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman).  Based on an old nautical legend, it tells the story of the ghostly Dutch sea captain and his ship, condemned by the Devil to sail the oceans forever unless he can find a woman who will redeem him through her love.  You can hear the LA Opera’s performance of The Flying Dutchman Saturday at noon on Classical 91.7 and online at classical917.org.