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Connor Walsh of the Houston Ballet Loves Classical Music!

Connor Walsh, Houston Ballet Principal Dancer, celebrates Public Radio Music Month! Read his story of growing up with classical music here.

My love of public radio began as a child from the back seat of my parents car. My father loves classical music and my mother loves new alternative music. They constantly listened to NPR to satisfy their musical tastes. Since I’ve taken on both their tastes in music I’ve have found no better source than KUHA for classical and for new music. 

When I turn on KUHA/Classical 91.7, especially when I’m driving, it has a nostalgic affect. It’s feels like my imagination is as free as it was when I was that young boy dreaming in the back seat. It allows me to see the world through a different pair of eyes and through eyes I see and think with more clarity and creativity.

I also love the broadcasts of live performances and shows like The Front Row that provide  insightful interviews with the people who makes Houstons art scene what it is today. Houston deserves a station like KUHA and I’m glad that we now have a station that’s fills our lives with such important music and culture. I’m Connor Walsh, principal dancer with the Houston Ballet, and I’m celebrating Public Radio Music Month with Classical 91.7.