Music from the Movies

John Williams’ Lincoln – Part II

Join us this Sunday for part two of our special campaign version of Music from the Movies, as we explore John Wiliams' new score to the Steven Spielberg film Lincoln. (read more)

This highly anticipated score delivers an abundance of American sentiments while portraying the inner dialogue of the characters in a contrasting way…musically. Williams pulls from his American pallet as he did in Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot, while offering the unexpected chromatic and altered chords in the more dramatic passages of the film. Williams says that this film will serve as a well needed history lesson on the legislative process that led up to the passing of the 13th amendment. Musically Williams kept with 19th century modality…a hymnal – like quality, while keeping everything original. His score represents a beautiful contrasts of period, source-like material and dramatic underscore. Don’t miss this premiere broadcast of this wonderful score.
Join Brad Sayles and Eric Ladau this Sunday at 5pm for part two as we explore this and other presidential scores.

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