Music from the Movies

Music From The Movies, Saturday, April 14th at 8pm

Kids Gone Wild!…This weekend we'll explore the music from James Newton Howard's new score to The Hunger Games. In keeping with this tone, we'll also explore Philipe Sarde's score to the 1990 film The Lord of the Flies. The similarities are amazing, including the use of a boy choir for both film scores. But what's even more interesting is how each composer set this topic of kids fighting each other with their orchestral tone. Howard had the daunting task of working around pop tunes, while Sarde was a straight forward traditional scoring job.  Tune in for this special campaign edition to find out how you can contribute to Music from the Movies and get a score of your very own. Join Brad Sayles and Eric Ladau this Saturday at 8pm and again Sunday at 5pm, only on Classical 91.7.