The Front Row

Moores Opera Center – Amelia & Tartuffe

Singers from the Moores Opera Center perform selections from Daron Hagen’s new opera, Amelia, and Tartuffe by Kirke Mechem. Director Buck Ross, composer Daron Hagen and librettist Gardner McFall also join us in the studio to chat about those two works featured on the Moores School of Music’s 2012 Contemporary American Opera Festival, opening tonight at the University of Houston.

St.John Flynn gets together in the Geary Performance Studio with Buck Ross, Director of the Opera Center; Daron Hagen, composer, and Gardner McFall, librettist, of Amelia; Brett Mitchell, Music Director & pianist for Amelia; Ashley Neumann, soprano (“The Flier” — The Ghost of Amelia Earhart in Amelia); Trevor Martin, baritone (“Paul,” Amelia’s husband, in Amelia); Amanda Sauceda, soprano (“Dorine,” the maid, in Tartuffe); and Stephen Jones, pianist for Tartuffe.