Music from the Movies

Music From The Movies,Saturday, January 21st at 8pm

Silence is Golden!…This weekend we'll explore the Golden Globe winning soundtrack to The Artist, composed by Ludovic Bource. This score is very unique, as it serves as the film's FULL soundtrack. Most of the movie is silent, so Bource's music has to cary the action and dialogue. The Artist is presented not only without dialogue or sound effects, but in black and white as well, making a very unique telling of George Valentine and his fall from stardom as "talkies" emerged as the new film medium. The score was recorded by The Brussels Philharmonic. When a working orchestra that plays together constantly is hired for soundtracks, it gives the music a unified feeling. This is an amazing sounding score and is not one to be missed. Join us this Saturday at 8pm with an Encore presentation Sunday at 5pm, only on Classical 91.7.