The Front Row

The Front Row – Special Edition

We spend our hour with a musical native son. Houston-born flutist Hubert Laws is one of the few musicians who are equally at home in the classical, jazz, pop, and rhythm-and-blues genres…

KUHF’s Eric Ladau Laws talks with Laws about his classical-music training. He discusses his struggles to overcome racial prejudice here in Houston in the 1950’s when he, an African-American, was first trying to establish himself as a serious classical musician. He also tells stories about his collaborations with the fledgling Jazz Crusaders, Leopold Stokowski and the Houston Symphony, egendary jazz record producer, Creed Taylor and soprano Kathleen Battle . Additionally, we hear Hubert Laws performing jazz tunes and arrangements, “Bessie’s Blues,” “Bloodshot” and “Amazing Grace” and classical pieces by Bach, Satie and Rachmaninov.  Listen Download