The Front Row

The Front Row, Friday, 11/28/2008

We spend an hour in conversation with composer Michael Torke on today’s edition of the program. He talks with KUHF’s Chris Johnson about his music, about making it as a classical composer in the 21st Century and about some of the current issues facing composers and performers…

Composer Michael Torke chats with KUHF’s Chris Johnson about the unique and eclectic amalgam of musical styles that inform his work…the desire of of contemporary composers and performers to develop new audiences for their music… and the compromises and accomodations that modern-day composers have to make in order to keep up with advancements in media technology… shifts in the cultural landscape…and the ever-evolving tastes of the music-consuming public. 
Over the course of their conversation are examples of Torke’s music including excerpts from the orchestral works Run and Ash, the opera Strawberry Fields, the ballets An Italian Straw Hat and The Contract and, his most recent composition (for solo piano) Blue Pacific. Listen. Download.