The Front Row

The Front Row, Thursday, 11/20/2008

We meet one of Israel’s most popular singers, Chava Alberstein, whose Society for the Performing Arts-sponsored concert this evening at the Wortham Center is in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Jewish State….

Director Carolyn Houston Boone and actors Terri Carter and Bob Boudreaux chat with KUHF’s Catherine Lu about the current TheatreLab Houston production of Adam Bock’s The Receptionist. Listen. Download.

Israeli Singer-Songwriter Chava Alberstein chats with TFR Producer Bob Stevenson about her Houston concert celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Jewish State and presented by Society for the Performing Arts. Listen . Download.

Richard Herskowitz is the curator of the Houston Cinema Arts Society new annual film and media festival. He talks with KUHF’s Bob Stevenson along with, digital video artist and film-maker Alex Rivera, whose first feature Sleep Dealer will inaugurate the festival with a screening tonight at River Oaks Theatre. ListenDownload.

KUHF’s Dean Dalton chats with University of Houston Architecture Professor Tom Diehl about the lastig influences of 16th Century Italiam architect andrea Sabatino and wether the design of a new Houston high-rise residential complex reflects Palladio’s principles. Listen. Download.