Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Compliance

Houston Public Media is licensed by the University of Houston, which is governed by the University of Houston Board of Regents.  The University of Houston’s governance policy is enumerated in its MAPP Policies and Procedures.

Human resources questions can be directed to:
Joan Nelson, Executive Director of Human Resources
(713) 743-2603
Houston Public Media follows UH HR policies and procedures faithfully, since it is governed by UH. 

Station Senior/Executive Management

Community Advisory Board: Houston Public Media Foundation
Members of the Board of Directors

Governing Board
University of Houston Regents Meetings

Community Advisory Board
Houston Public Media Foundation Meetings

Most Recent Audited Financial Statements (Downloadable) 

Paper copies of these statements may be accessed by calling (713) 748-8888 

Annual Local Content and Services Reports

EEO Public File Reports


Donor Information Policy

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