Construction Jobs Tied To Energy Sector Fall Across Central US

Texas lost more construction jobs than any other state in the country last month.

Texas shed 4,900 construction jobs in August compared to July. That’s a blip in terms of the sector’s total workforce in the state, just 0.8%. But it’s a bit more worrisome set against the national backdrop.

Construction employment fell in twenty-two states last month. Some of the steepest losses came in states across the central U.S. that held off the worst of the housing bust, thanks largely to construction tied to energy sector. Brian Turmail is a spokesman for the Associated General Contractors of America.

“It could just be that the energy industry is taking a bit of a breather in August, and demand for construction cooled a little bit. It could be a sign that the construction boom related to energy extraction is tapering. We really have to wait a few more months to see if there’s a trend. But it is interesting that that central spine — North Dakota all the way down to Texas — all experienced construction job losses in the month of August.”

Texas is still up by 24,000 construction jobs compared to August 2012.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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