Proposed White Stallion Power Plant Cancelled

An energy company says it is halting development of a coal-fired power plant 90 miles southwest of Houston that ran into fierce local opposition.

The White Stallion Energy Center announced it is stopping work on the 1,200 megawatt power project in Matagorda County.

Chief Operating Officer Randy Bird blamed proposed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules and the specter of more regulations. He also said low natural gas prices made the price of electricity from coal uncompetitive.

The project had faced challenges since it was proposed in 2008 over potential air and water pollution. Allison Sliva is the immediate past chair of the No Coal Coalition in Bay City.

“This is just a great, great day. We have this beautiful community, and we want to take care of it, and taking care of our environment and protecting our citizens’ health goes hand in hand with the future prosperity and success of our community. We’re eager for growth and development. We’re eager for jobs. We’re eager for economic prosperity, but we didn’t have to settle for that.”

Developers had trouble securing sufficient water to operate White Stallion, as well as the necessary funding to develop the plant. The project also faced heavy opposition from ranchers, farmers, and fishermen.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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