Pie Maker Goes Into Disaster Planning Mode For Thanksgiving

Hurricane season is almost over, but businesses can’t afford to let their emergency preparedness slide. One Houston business takes certain steps to keep Thanksgiving weekend from turning into a disaster.

Anthony Pizzitola is a facility manager and disaster recovery professional for Goode Company Restaurants here in Houston. When it comes to disasters, Pizzitola takes the broadest definition possible. Anything that disrupts the normal course of business fits the bill.

“It’s not necessarily a tornado. It’s not necessarily a hurricane. It could be a $75 part that failed that can’t be found in a heartbeat. So while everybody’s waiting, customers have gone someplace else.”

For Goode Company, which sells hundreds of pies daily between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, an oven breakdown would more than qualify.

“Two weeks before, we go in, tear down ovens, make sure from a preventive and predictive maintenance stance that they’re in perfect working order. Therefore, no production stops, and most importantly the cash registers don’t stop.”

Pizzitola says the same lesson holds for retailers — all the more so as they turn the corner on the holiday season this Friday.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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