70 Million BlackBerry Subscribers Loss Of Service, Not Good For RIM

BlackBerry subscribers in Houston are still reeling from outages thanks to a network switch failure. The disruptions could do serious damage to Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion.

BlackberryDespite the popularity of the iPhone and the Android, BlackBerry still owns the lion’s share of the corporate user market for mobile devices in Houston.

All BlackBerry communications run through centralized servers at parent Research in Motion. That gives RIM an edge on security. It also means a service outage can affect large numbers of the 70 million BlackBerry subscribers around the world all at once.

Colin Osburn is president and CEO of Etuvian, a mobile device management company with offices in Austin and Katy.

“RIM has already gotten a whipping boy treatment in the media. They have the cash reserves. They have the technology. They have the patents. They’re a good company. But they have taken Palm’s place in the media spotlight as not understanding the needs of consumers and enterprises, and I think this is going to just drive another stake into them.”

Osburn says the latest outage, the longest BlackBerry has suffered in many years, will accelerate the trend among companies to let their employees use any mobile device they choose.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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